African- American Updos & Buns

18 thoughts on “African- American Updos & Buns

  1. I love the “bun with a bang” hairstyle. I’m going to use that one for my wedding. Can you e-mail me that picture, because it won’t let me do it. Thanks

  2. hello iam wanting to knw the huge low bun where could i get that bun from?or is it even a bun i would like to wear that for my wedding please can u let me knw i really like that style it would go great with my dress thanks.

  3. I really admire the Retro Hair 2 style. This is a style I would like to wear on my wedding day. It’s very becoming and I would like to try it out before my big day. What type of hair do you suggest I use to achieve this glam updo.

  4. Hello, for the second picture with the 2 buns, I suggest using human hair. Another good suggestion is a pre- made bun that comes in different textures and hair colors. These are often found in beauty supply stores such as Sally’s. I hope this info was helpful! 🙂

  5. To Neisha, you can find these buns at neighborhood Beauty Supply stores or Sally’s if there is one near your location. Thank you!

  6. How can I do the 13th down on the right using a little bit of fake hair since my hair is right below my jaw? Also what would the back look like?

  7. Hello, if you’re talking about the picture of the young lady in the gray dress, you can achieve this look by slicking your hairline back with a good edge control pomade, such as Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges. It seems you would need to make a side part and put into two ponytails. Once that is done, you can either wrap/ twist the loose hair with your fingers and cross them together-then secure with hairpins and sparkling accessories. I hope this was helpful!

  8. I love the updo’s 17 & 21,unfortunately my hair isn’t long or thick enough to achieve this look. I’ve found that everytime I order buns online,they are shiny or European hair types which contrasts my Afro hair.are there any stores you can recommend buying from who sell actual Afro hair type buns?

  9. I love the 11th hair style on the right side. Can you please tell me how to get that look? What hair is used etc. thanks.

  10. I love styles # Style 15 and 26, Please email pictures of the complete styles (front, back and both sides) and how to achieve them. I have natural hair. I truly love those styles. I will be wearing the style for a special occasion to visit my husband.Thank you very much and may God bless you.

  11. I really want an up do for my wedding ceremony but, I want to be able to take it down for the reception. What do you suggest, that will transform easily into a cute do?

  12. Hello Angela, the type of hairstyle you need is a hairpiece that is a “fall”; something that you are able to put up in a nice chignon or bun. The type of hair I would get is either a permed straight textured hair or a synthetic drawstring half- wig. Attached is a link of the type of fall that you can use:
    I like this hairstyle that Janet Jackson wore; I think this style can be worn up or done:

  13. I don’t have pictures of the sides but it appears that you would have to part the hair across in 2 sections, tie each section with an elastic band until you get two ponytails. Then you would grab the hair that is left out and twist the hair ( as if your wringing a dishrag). For the front section, after twisting, wrap the hair around the back ponytail; for the back, wrap the hair around the front ponytail and bingo! You got the style down pat! 🙂

  14. For short hair over 2 inches long, you can use styling gel to slick hair into a low ot top bun hairstyle and add a donut shape bun attachement to the hair. If your hair is shorter than 2 inches; you will have to add hair extentions to achive the look that you would like. Hope this was helpful to you.

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