Gothic Groom

The Gloom Groom

Since we have already covered the “Dark Bride“, I figured we would do a segment for the Gothic groom– to- be. Upon doing research for the Goth-style of dress, I noticed that the men  tend to have  various styles of Goth, whether it was punk styled, a- la Adam Lambert of American Idol, or it’s more Renaissance related.  A good example of Renaissance or Edwardian would be Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Prince Vlad,  played by actor Gary Oldman.  I found his Goth style of dress really fascinating, sort of a cross between an English aristocrat and a Cadillac- riding pimp of the 1970’s.  Did they actually wear purple  sunglasses during the 1800’s?  Only in Hollywood.  Below, are my  Gothic style selections inspired by Alexander McQueen’s 2009 mens-wear line.  Hope you Gothic Grooms like the mod version of Prince Vlad’s attire..

From the top: Alfani RED Suit Separates, Charcoal Stripe Slim Fit,, , Jaxon Victorian Top Hat-Black , $69.00 from Village Hat Shop,  Lambskin Dress Gloves, 26.99 from Sierra Trading Post, Purple aviators, $4.99 Amazon, Formal walking stick, $65.00, Canes Galore, Alfani Boots, Gusto Buckle

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