Wedding Dress Inspiration of the Week! The Romantic Wedding Style Board

“Opulent Engagement”-Romantic Wedding Style Board

This elegant wedding inspiration board is for the brides, who craves the classic touch of pure luxury, hopeless romance and timeless beauty on their special day without the fear of breaking the bank in the long run.


"Opulent Engagement"-The Romantic Bride



Wedding Dress Inspiration of the Week! The Glam-Rock Bride

Welcome to Glam Rock!


This wedding dress style inspiration is for the Glam Rock Society brides who like a a little edge for their wedding style.  A little bit of metal, some leather with a white, peplum dress thrown in, this look is ” Street but Sweet”.  We were  inspired by this Glam Rock Wedding theme by entertainers like Gwen Stefani, Rhianna and Pink known for their bad ass rockin styles! For more Glam Rock Wedding ideas, please check out our Bridal Dress Collection!



Rock Steady

Wedding Dress Inspiration of the Week! An Intimate Bohemian Wedding

Bohemian Rhapsody

We are mesmerized by this beautiful color palette for this Bohemian Rhapsody wedding inspiration! This eclectic, bohemian design is bursting with colors of lime, sea foam, fuchsia and the perfect touch of yellow gold to tie the look together for a tropical and laid back atmosphere! For an intimate Bohemian wedding, this look is by far not for the conservative indeed but for the bridal couple who dare to go there and lose themselves in a kaleidoscope of color!

Bohemian Rhapsody



Good Places to Buy Inexpensive Wedding Dresses Online!

Simple, Chic and Cheap Wedding Dresses!


Planning a wedding can be an expensive proposition; however, one arena in which you will be able to save money is by looking for inexpensive wedding dresses online. There are great ways to find cheap wedding dresses online.  First step to finding good places to buy inexpensive wedding dresses online  shopping is to try numerous different wedding dress styles on in a brick and mortar boutique or department store. In doing so, you will be able to discover the wedding dress styles that most adequately complement your body type. By narrowing down your style options, you will have an ideal starting point for shopping for dresses online.

Your second step to purchasing discount wedding dresses online will be to begin comparison shopping online. There are numerous price comparison search engines online, which will allow you to search for the exact dress you want. On the other hand, you may begin by creating a list of boutiques that carry the style of less expensive wedding dresses you are looking for.  If you begin your dress search early enough, you will be able to monitor the prices of the gowns you like on these sites. Occasionally, unexpected discounts may be offered.

In your search for cheap wedding dresses online, do not be afraid to try eDressMe.  Many future brides may avoid shopping this site, because they believe that all of the cheap and chic wedding dresses shopping they find here will be used or sub-par. On the contrary, many bridal shops and boutiques across the country use eDressMe as a means to sell the dresses in their shop. It should be kept in mind that you may be required to pay for shipping on the gown you choose, but in general, the gown may be purchased at 15-30% below the retail price of the dress in a physical shop.

Finally, another option for choosing discounted wedding dresses online is to consider renting your wedding dress. Certain websites, such as, allow women to buy, swap, and rent their dresses online. You will have a myriad of styles and colors to choose from. The average cost to rent someone’s wedding dress is between $200.00 and $600.00. Choosing less expensive wedding dresses online does not mean that you will not be able to have the dress of your dreams on your big day. With a small amount of research and effort, you will be able to have it at a fraction of the normal cost.

Free Gift Give Away! Win a Skinny Wrap from True Fab You!

Body Wraps- Skinny Wraps- it works! 


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